Alejandro Portugal Car Insurance (Seguros) for anywhere in Mexico
  From the USA 520 450 3237   Call 24/7 PRICES REDUCED NOW

Give us a call 24/7 From Mexico at 011525204503237 and let it ring once at no cost to you and I will call you back free. From the US 520 450 3237. If you give us a call we will fill out the forms as you give us the answers. Read below for the different policies and we can create the policy immediately and verify it in Seconds. You can have a copy of the policy e-mailed to you and sent to your phone. This insurance is the cheapest and the best for Anywhere in Mexico. I HAVE NEW PRICES DAILY WEEKLY AND MORE THAT ARE CHEAPER  PLEASE CALL ME anytime 520-450-3237 Mexican Car Insurance Low Price now IF YOU CALL ME AS YOU ARE DRIVING DOWN. I can send a copy of the policy to your phone fast and it is legal. You do not have to wait at the border.

Liability 1 mes $38, 3 meses $45, 6 meses $68, Annual $90                                                              FullCoverage                                                                                                                                           1,000 5,000     $55,               $68                 $109             $175                                                                  6,000 10,000   $67                $86                 $137            $220                                                                   11,000-15,000 $71                $98                 $156            $250                                                                 16,000-20,000 $87               $107               $172             $275                                                                   21,000-25,000 $98               $119               $190             $305                                                                  26,000-30,000 $110             $131               $209             $335                                                                   31,000-35,000 $122             $139               $222             $360                                                                  36,000-40,000 $133             $152               $244             $390                                                                    41,000-45,000 $145             $164               $262            $420                                                                46,000-50,000 $157             $172              $275             $440                                                                    51,000$55,000$169             $183              $294       $470                                                                                            61,000-65,000 $193             $209              $334           $535                                                                    66,000-70,000 $204             $219              $350           $560                                                                     71,000-75,000 $215             $230              $369           $590

Give us a call 24/7 From Mexico at 011525204503237 and let it ring once at no cost to you and I will call you back free. From the US 520 450 3237. These prices are roughly correct. NOW THERE ARE PRICES LOWER If we can put two policies together there is usually a saving. With the car insurance if you want full coverage we can use the value you request to adjust the price of the policy. Send us an email at alsforum@hotmail.com   CALL QUICKLY

Portugal Insurance is the best insurance you can have. Seguros for your car Insurance Seguros for your condo and insurance Seguros for your house or casa no matter where you are in Mexico. Insurance Seguros for your license that will allow you to drive any car in Mexico.. Smile and have your world covered.

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Alejandro Portugal Insurance (Seguros) is number 1 and available to purchase anytime. Our rates are the lowest available Give us a call 24/7 From the US 520 450 3237 or call our office 520 450 3237.
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